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I purchased an 8' tall double wrought iron door late spring of 2011. I have posted earlier of other problems with the door.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the large lower raised panels which are approx. 24" x 24" were cracked and swollen, which is definitely odd for an iron door. Further investigation revealed the panels to be made entirely of fiberboard which is a mixture of sawdust and glue. Another iron company in Dallas currently is repairing the doors at a cost of $1500.

I will try to post pictures if the site accomodates them. I will be contacting the Texas Attorney General as well as Tarrant County to see what charges can be brought.

Monetary Loss: $5400.

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Richard Wallace is now operating under a different name company called unique iron works :cry

As many of you have found this company and Mr. Richard Wallce might be on target to set a new record for stealing from consumers all over the DFW area.If you have not given this convicted thief any of your money don't!!

If you have given him any monies, you most diffently do not want this convicted thief to damage your home with his inept work!! If you watch any TV and have seen the commercial for Allstate Ins with "Mahim" tearing up everything he comes in contact with, then you know how your work from Ultimate Ironworks will end. This past December Mr. Wallace confessed charges of theft.

He agreed to a sentence of jailtime and returned the funds he took from us. He now has a confiction for theft in Tarrant County. There are also many more people who are currently active in having other cases of theft being filed in Tarrant County.

If you need verification of this you may contact Presley Darnell with the Tarrant County District Attorney @817 212-6962 and he can verify this info. If you need any help along the way please feel free to contact me, Warren Bobo @ 214 763-6781 or my email:


Unfortunately, your case may fall in the civil matter since he actually produced something and did some work. If you need any of the contact info for the DA, please post your email address or phone number here and I will give you a call.


I thought I would let you know that Richard is currently serving a 10 day jail term after pleading guilty to a theft charge out of Tarrant county. As you may be aware he has taken money many times from consumers and then never produced anything more than a phone call.

Thanks to Vicky Palmer (WArren Bobo) and the Tarrant County DA he is required to pay restitution and 10 days in jail. There are more cases currently working in the DA's office.

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